The Guild



The Guild

We are a group of like-minded ladies who meet on the first Tuesday of each month in the Erringden Room.

All are welcome to join us.


The Guild Prayer
Almighty Father, we beseech thee to pour down
thy heavenly blessings upon all the members of our Guild.

Strengthen our faith and increase our zeal
and grant that, through love of thee and of one another
we may be fruitful unto all good works,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord,


Leader: Tricia Patrick

Secretary: Joan Laprell

Treasurer: Julia Wilson

Outings: Dorothy Williams


Programme 2014

Date Time Event
3 May 10-11.30am Coffee Morning
6 May 2.00pm Open Meeting: Spring Concert by Calderdale Senior Citizens' Orchestra
3 Jun 2.00pm Speaker: Mrs Joan Laprell - Mallory Towers it was not!!!
14 Jun 10-11.30am Coffee Morning
1 Jul 2.00pm Speaker: Mrs Gladys Walton - Poetry and Prose
5 Jul   TOUR DE FRANCE - catering in hall by Church members
2 Aug 10-11.30am Coffee Morning
5 Aug   DAY TRIP
2 Sep 2.00pm Quiz by Mrs Sheila McFarlane
6 Sep 10-11.30am Coffee Morning
4 Oct 10-11.30am Coffee Morning
7 Oct 2.00pm Mrs Ann Ogden - Simple First Aid
1 Nov 10-11.30am Coffee Morning
4 Nov 2.00pm Mrs Daphne Cansdale - The many faces of Brittany
2 Dec 12 noon Christmas Lunch








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